Honda V4s
Texas VFR Garage (lots of links!), now hosted by VFR
The VFR Mailing List
VFR FAQ pages
VFR registry   (there are also entries for RC51 and RC45)
VFR model history by Paul Peczon
Comprehensive V4 model history by Peter Hagan
Honda VFR Club UK based club, very active forums
David Silver Spares - genuine and pattern Honda parts at lower prices
VFR Italia - Hermann's VFR800 pages
Honda OC (GB)
VFR club de France
VFR Owners Club Deutschland   (German text) - "forum for all VFR & RVF fans" (German text)
VFR Club Denmark   (Danish text)
VFR Italia Club (Italian text) - Australian, in case you didn't realise.
VFR - USA-oriented discussion forum
Motocourse VFR timeline (Italian text)

Isle of Man TT
GP & WSB racing photography by Henk Meijer
Irish Roadracing
Phase One - 2000 Endurance World Champions
FRSA - Sidecar racing
Motorcycle Racing Art - paintings by Jim Blanchard
Some of my own racing photography (on a separate site at the moment)

Motorcycle Action Group
NABD - Association of Disabled Bikers
Motorcycle Consumer News
Jupiter's Travels - Ted Simon, who's now done a second round-the-world trip on 2 wheels!
Riders for Health - charity providing bikes in remote parts of Africa, supported by GP riders
Motorcycle Touring In Europe (and elsewhere) - a guide
UK-based motorcycle portal
"Viewable With Any Browser" Campaign

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